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The Youngest Winners in ATP History

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Rafael Nadal
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As a management professional in Lima, Peru, Reem Taoz has managed liquor sales and event planning at several of the city’s most frequented nightlife destinations. Beyond his work in the nightlife industry, Reem Taoz enjoys following pro tennis, and particularly Spanish player Rafael Nadal.

Over the last four decades, only 10 male tennis players have managed to win a professional match before the age of 16. Franco Davin of Argentina is recognized as the youngest winner in tour history, winning a three set match at the 1985 Buenos Aires tournament less than two months after turning 15. Davin only won three singles titles over the course of his career, however, and reached a peak ranking of number 30 in 1990. Many of the tour’s 15 year old winners, on the other hand, went on to enjoy very successful careers.

Five of the ten players, in fact, secured multiple grand slam championships and achieved the world number 1 ranking. These prodigies include Michael Chang, Andre Agassi, Bjorn Borg, and Mats Wilander. None saw more success than Rafael Nadal, however, who won his first pro match at the 2002 Mallorca event. Nadal would win the first of his nine career French Open titles just three years later and would ultimately achieve the career grand slam, multiple Davis Cup victories, and Olympic gold medals as both a singles and doubles player.


Health Care Hurdles Facing Communities in Peru

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With an extensive background in management, Reem Taoz has engaged in leadership capacities with Grupo Taoz SAC and Lafromagerie SAC. A native of Israel, Reem Taoz gained core experience in Peru. Community involved, he participated in volunteer efforts at local hospitals during the holiday season.

Peru has a number of pressing health care issues, with approximately one-third of the population living in poverty and lacking access to basic medical assistance. While the government has increased its allocation of resources to local communities, administrative bottlenecking has resulted in relatively few programs being implemented on the ground level.

At present, Peru has the second-highest incidence of tuberculosis (TB) in Latin America, after Brazil. Highly contagious and resistant to multiple drugs, TB causes approximately 2,300 deaths nationwide each year. Acute respiratory infections such as pneumonia and influenza are particularly prevalent among young children, with the World Health Organization associating 15 percent of total deaths to these easily treatable infections. The reality in Peru is that more effective efforts are needed to address diseases that could be treated or prevented if the resources were in place.

Reem Taoz Outwits Colombian Kidnappers

Reem Taoz is an Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) combat veteran who served three tours of active duty in the Middle East. Reem Taoz has also experience serving as a night shift manager for Grupo Taoz SAC and Lafromagerie SAC in Lima, Peru.

In 2015, a business trip took Mr. Taoz to Bogota, Colombia, where he was kidnapped by the man employed to be his bodyguard. After being picked up at the airport, the former police officer took the unsuspecting Taoz to a farm where gunmen demanded a $7.5 million ransom.

The kidnappers threatened to cut off his fingers and gouge out his eyes, but the IDF veteran outsmarted his captors. He convinced them that he could have one million euros delivered if only he could speak with his business associates. The kidnappers agreed, and he phoned the Israeli Embassy and told them of his situation and location in Hebrew.

A Colombian security team soon raided the premises, and Taoz was released unharmed.

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